The product package to support security & cost management in large organizations.

The SECORUN products realize the tasks of precise recording of events regarding people, vehicles and items. It collects, processes and analyses this data while also delivering the information necessary to efficiently manage the company and its human and material resources.

The SECORUN products provide maximum efficiency because they are designed and built from scratch to handle the needs of the biggest, multi-department companies. All the package elements are by design open for integration with the systems already functioning in the organization. All the packages are complementary and the modular construction of the solution makes it possible to compose a suitable set of needed functionalities.

The implementation of the SECORUN products covers complex analysis, dedicated designs, informatic & physical integration, creating additional individual functionalities, installation, test, training, service and product development.


The process of design, production, and development of all the WEB applications included in the package is realized according to the current OWASP ASVS directions (level 2 and 3), guaranteeing full security of their use (immunity to issues listed in OWASP TOP10). The security of applications run is confirmed during cyclic (automatic and manual) penetrative security tests, realized both internally, during the software production and after the implementation, in the test and the production environments.

All of our solutions allow meeting the law regulations and domain-specific recommendations regarding specific areas of implementation while meeting all the GDPR requirements.


We create advanced IT systems supporting security and cost management in large companies.