Secorun Custom Solutions are specialized IT solutions that arise from identified customer needs during the pre-implementation analysis phase. These effective and dedicated solutions help businesses achieve their goals.

Even the most comprehensive organization management system may prove insufficient in meeting user requirements and the specific needs of a company. We customize our solutions in two ways – by expanding our existing systems or by creating entirely new solutions.

The Custom Solutions we create revolve around Secorun’s core products, covering areas such as security and cost management in large organizations. Specifically, they include automatic identification of objects and events (people, vehicles, items, entries/exits), License Plate Recognition (LPR), situation detection based on video analysis, Closed-Circuit Television systems (CCTV), biometric identification, support for managing production processes (material consumption, human labor, machine operations, production line efficiency), cost and resource management, and logistics process security.


Our IT systems are regularly enhanced by adding new functionalities. Among other things, we create custom products in the field of advanced quality control. These tools support the daily work of a quality controller in the process of inspecting the quality of produced yachts.

The system provides cross-sectional dashboards that present quantitative and statistical summaries of the quality assessment of units currently in production. Quality control is divided into several stages, and checks are performed after significant production advancements. The scope of these checks includes the technical, functional, and aesthetic aspects.

The quality control process is selective for each individual component of the yacht (deck, superstructure, hull, cabins, compartments, etc.). The controller has the ability to mark the types and locations of identified defects directly on the visualized yacht elements within a tablet application. A report is then sent to the production worker, indicating the areas that need improvement, after which the product undergoes reinspection for quality control.



An example of a custom solution implemented for several of our clients is a functionality that enables the management of employee meals, combined with monitoring fiscal burdens in case the value of received benefits is exceeded.

The FoodTruck modules are used to handle the functionality of mobile meal distribution using portable terminals. Each terminal is equipped with a dedicated application for verifying the eligibility to receive a meal within a specified time and registering its issuance. Employees who are authorized to receive meals have the ability to claim them, and their identification is done using proximity cards.

The FoodTruck functionality includes the following modules: meal catalog (menu) along with the definition of their prices; meal limits – an administrative module that allows defining the monthly limit amount that an employee can avail; meal entitlements; meal issuance events – enabling the recording of meal issuance events directly within the Secorun application.


Secorun Custom Solutions help ensure the security of a company’s infrastructure and optimize operational costs. By partnering with us, our clients receive individually tailored tools that allow for the optimization of production processes, monitoring and reporting of business-related costs, effective risk management, and identification and remediation of security gaps. These solutions can automate business processes, provide real-time data, improve internal communication, and enable better project management.

Currently, organizations operate numerous information systems that support various areas of their business. Through our proven software engineering methodologies and modern technologies, we have virtually unlimited integration capabilities. We particularly integrate with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, Human Resources (HR) payroll systems, Transportation Management Systems (TMS) for route planning, Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), Yard Management Systems (YMS) for transport yard management, Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) for process support and control, Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) industrial surveillance systems, License Plate Recognition (LPR) systems, fire alarm systems, intrusion alarm systems, and Building Management Systems (BMS).