The Secorun Employees Portal is an application built to improve the communication between the organization’s employees in terms of issues like the employment and work responsibilities. This tool provides  a quick communication between various positions and levels by providing the ability to quickly submit proposals and a continuous insight into the decision process progress. All the required data regarding schedules, used up limits or the work time (planned and done) is available just a few clicks away. The portal provides an ability to register a remote or a delegated work which is an important alternative to the attendance list conducted by the employees.

The Secorun Employees Portal is an application built using a technology that allows working on different devices such as PCs, laptops, smartphones (iOS, Android) and workers’ kiosks. That technology also provides the highest security standards allowing the application to be published on the Internet.

The Employees Portal can be used as the company or crisis communicator.




“Access to all the data and employee’s actions needed from one multi-platform application.

Mobile and easy way for the workers to communicate with the supervisors.

Time and Attendance in your pocket.”


Margarita Menjega-Schmidt
UX / UI Designer




Business benefits of the Employees Portal

60% savings of human resources, management and accounting workers’ time spent on employee service in terms of receiving and accepting the requests and issuing the documentation.

Improving the communication inside the organization – EP offers multiple functionalities such as: work time monitoring, an absence limit control and a communication with supervisors through various requests and built-in communicator.

Mobile registration of work time events – it’s a basic tool of a remote and a delegated work registration. It allows a simple registration of the entering and leaving work events with the preview of the hours count.

Improving the employees requests flow – a simple and intuitive process handling, starting with a request submission and ending in a decision. Possibility of canceling or withdrawing the submitted requests.

Sharing the schedule with the workers on their mobile devices. The employees have a look into the work schedule (standard and overtime), the time worked the current month or the days off  used.


The year is coming to an end, the employees try to get information from the supervisors on how much vacation days they have left. Each time the supervisor has to individually get information from the HR system and pass it to the employee.

Is there a possibility of using an informatic solution that would allow the workers to verify their vacation time left on their own any time they want?



Maria is a sales manager and has 40 subordinates who generate a large amount of different vacation requests in the holiday season. As the supervisor, she analyzes the team’s work schedule every time and makes an individual decision on a request acceptance.

Is there a possibility of implementing a solution that would prompt if the employee request complies with a vacation plan accepted before? Could the system make a decision about the request acceptance autonomously if the supervisor didn’t reject it?



Key functionalities of the Employees Portal

Mobile registration of work time events that applies especially in registering the remote and delegated work. It allows a registration of the workplace entering and leaving and provides an insight into the work hours count.

The push notifications about the need to register a work time event – a mechanism that generates a reminder for the user about the need to register starting/finishing the work.

The possibility of defining any flow of the employees’ requests – an extended interface of configuration and almost infinite possibilities of the portal customization allow adapting it to serve any organization.

The absences limits – possibility to get an insight into limits of absences of any kind, both the ones waiting to be used and the ones already used in this billing period, e.g. vacation leave, carer’s leave.

Supporting the flow of employees’ requests – the application lets the employees report any kind of absence and submit the holiday requests. It also provides an ability to manage the substitutions.

An insight into the work time – a summary view of the work planned and realized together with the applied absences. All clearly arranged in one calendar.



“The Secorun Employees Portal was developed by us using the best practices regarding web application security.

The application was developed in a way that meets all the requirements of the modern world – it’s available for every mobile device. Regardless if it is a laptop, tablet or a phone, the user can always have access to the Employees Portal”

Szymon Szulc
Senior Software Engineer




Currently, Emploeey Portal is fully integrated with other Secorun package products: