Secorun Time and Attendance is a product providing a full spectrum of methods related to planning, time and attendance, accepting and accounting the overtime and absence control. It allows defining an individual organizational structure of the company and auxiliary files (free saturdays, holidays, absence list). It allows creating both cyclic schedules for large employee groups and personalized schedules for individual positions and people. The system accounting the time and attendance provides active codex control. It alerts about improper situations and automatically interprets the work time according to the defined algorithms. That allows auto acceptance when there is no doubt and also interpretation of the work time by the employer. All the functionalities are supported by extended reporting tools with the possibility to subscribe to the cyclic reports. The most important information is always available on a customizable dashboard on the operator’s desktop. Integration with the payment systems allows quick and precise accounting of absences, overtime and salary payments. The product records data on the course of employment, both affecting salary and those affecting employment history.





“The satisfaction of our clients comes from the completeness and quality of our solutions, that’s why we go with the newest technologies and a good experienced team of analysts and developers.

I invite you to discover an unique RCP class system, meeting the highest expectations of the most expecting.”

Jakub Bortkiewicz
IT Product Manager






Business benefits of Time and Attendance

80% savings of time spent on supervising the work time accounting – thanks to the work time analysis automation, the managers are obligated to handle just the situations defined as improper.

Work planning according to the Labor Code. The parameters of the data input and the control mechanisms allow the program to inform the operator about an attempt of contravention or a failure to meet the Labor Code standards.

Identification of improper Time and Attendance situations. Quick clarification of disputes between workers and managers. Possibility to implement repair mechanisms and malfunction causes elimination.

70% savings of HR work time spent on closing billing periods and work time accounting control. Time and Attendance means precise and quick accounting of absences or overtime.

Data exchange with any integrable informatic platform. Precise information about the work time exported to the accounting system provides a basis for calculation of payroll components at the company.

Cost reduction. Thanks to positive work time accounting it’s possible to reduce the costs that were unidentified before, resulting from billing the employees based only on the work schedule and overtime acceptances.

Quick access to key information about employees’ presences and absences. Possibility to control the remote workers or the delegated workers using the mobile Time and Attendance app.

Full transparency of accepted work time. Possibility to adapt the algorithms calculating the additional elements of the work time according to the internal status of the organization.

Integration with the Employees Portal allows improving the information exchange between the supervisor and the worker. It also allows digitizing the circulation of the employees’ requests.



Marek, the foreman, agreed for one group to work overtime because of a sudden malfunction of the production line one day before closing the monthly accounting. Most of the employees worked all the scheduled overtime. Unfortunately a few of them left the facility 25 minutes before the scheduled end of the work time. The foreman was absent when that happened. The month ends and Marek immediately has to immediately confirm the work time billings according to the regulations.

Will Marek have the credible information to honestly accept the work time billings of his employees? Will he be able to properly and transparently qualify the overtime worked? How will it affect his employees’ salaries and potential conflicts in the team?




The HR manager is obligated to timely close and settle the month for three thousand employees of a big production facility. During a group analysis of the billings she identified a unique amount of accepted overtime hours of one hundred workers assigned to a supervisor currently on a sick leave. Unpredicted growth of the salary costs exceeded the limit. The situation requires immediate clarification as the payment date is close.

Will the HR manager be able to easily and quickly access the information needed to solve the problem? Will the information gathered allow her to decide properly? How long will it take to handle the process?



Complete handling of complex processes

Secorun Time and Attendance allows the continuous control over the employees work time: registering all the events from the devices, managing the multi-level organizational and functional structure of the company, access card management, users’ and operators’ permission management and any work time reports.

It’s an advanced tool providing the ability to handle various complex scenarios of operators’ permissions to employees’ data and system functionalities. The system can be freely configured – putting it together with an ability to exchange data with practically any integrable informatic platform results in one very advanced tool improving the planning, time and attendance in big companies.

Precise analysis of the history and the current course of various absence types allows predicting the lack of resources on various positions and planning the substitutions, providing the continuity and the stability of production processes. The product is equipped with a tool to control the statutory limit of the time worked for one employer by a temporary worker. It equips big multi-branch organizations employing a significant number of temporary workers with the ability to continuously monitor and control the event reporting at the location. That functionality allows making a conscious decision about employing such a person under a contract of employment, if their time working for the company exceeds 18 months. It also allows controlling the cooperating Temporary Work Agencies delegating the temporary workers to a given branch.




“Secorun Time and Attendance is an optimized tool in the hands of a big employer allowing efficient and transparent management of the work time.

Our T&A systems operate at companies that employ thousands of people, working in various operating modes and representing many different industries including the most strict ones.”

Danka Stańko
Sales Executive





Key functionalities

Fully automated process of accounting the work hours. In case of the worker working out hours according to the predefined accepting rules, the system will automatically accept the accounting.

Automated alerting of abnormal situations, such as insufficient working time, the system generates a notification to the operator about the need to handle the event at the work card level. The absence of alerts means that everything is okay.

Reporting improper situations, the statistics of days requiring an involvement of the supervisor – thanks to these functionalities we gain a tool and the data to discipline the workers in regard to correct working schedule realization.

Compatibility with the Labor Code. The control mechanism allows the working schedule to be always compatible with current Labor Code regulations. It significantly simplifies preparing things such as creating the working schedules in big companies.

Group work planning – an intuitive interface for managing the work schedule of entire employee groups. Group planning, modifying work schedules, or recording collective approval for overtime work is just a few clicks away.

The ability to customize the work time accounting process, set different rules for this process, acceptance criterias or the way of work time accounting for groups of workers, organizational cells or outside companies.

Individually configurable DashBoard/Operator’s desktop – it allows placing the key information in the foreground adapted to match the position at the company and the business process being handled.

Integration with third-party systems

Secorun Time and Attendance is equipped with mechanisms of data exchange with any integrable informatic platform.

In the area of planning , time and attendance integration with HR-accounting systems is the most important one. The range of exchanged data can vary and it’s determined by the realized project specifics. Mostly, the employee data records are downloaded – name, surname, position, personal data. In return, the T & A system forwards precise information about the work time, which are the basis for billing the salary elements in the company.