Secorun Mobile Access Control is an application synchronized with other Secorun products that takes over the functionalities of the stationary terminal, dedicated above all to handle vehicles and semi trailers. It allows automatic recording of the time spent at the facility not only by vehicles but also by drivers and passengers.

Secorun Mobile Access Control allows handling the whole operation of entering the facility standing right next to the vehicle and its driver. The verification in the vehicles database, the authorization of the actions by the guard and the gate opening are all handled from the level of a mobile device.



“Secorun Mobile Access Control is a tool created for security workers and gate service making the work significantly easier for them and providing security at every step.”

Maciej Boguniecki
Senior Implementation Specialist




Business benefits of the Mobile Access Control

The possibility of a mobile verification of the drivers, vehicles, trailers and passengers permissions. Handling up to 30 passengers in one sequence.

Smaller cast of guards and increased capacity of the entrance thanks to realizing all the activities regarding vehicles’, drivers’ and passengers’ entries from the level of a mobile device.

Multistage acceptance – for strategic objects, the system allows a multi-stage acceptance in case of an unauthorized takeover of a security worker’s card and device.

Security on every step – improving the security rank by introducing functionalities such as guards’ work control mechanism or granting access using security worker’s RFID card.

Gate opening automation – verification in the vehicle database, action authorization by the guard and the gate opening are all handled by a mobile device.




Andrzej is a foreman in a large production facility. He finds out that during the night shift, when the management is not present at the company, it usually happens that some employees exchange the RFID cards between each other. As a result, the labor code is being broken and there are unauthorized people at the company area.

What can Andrzej do? In case of an accident occurring during the night shift the situation might get complicated for both sides.

Is it possible to systemically solve this problem – equip the security workers with mobile terminals that would allow them to control and identify employees around the whole company?




At a high security production facility there are 2 entrance gates. One of them is out of order due to an ongoing renovation. The guard, Ewa, is working at the truck gate where (because of the renovation) passenger cars and pedestrians can also arrive.

Handling the vehicles she has to carry out the same series of activities every time. She has to approach the vehicle, take the cards from the driver, go to the terminal, conduct the verification and finally come back to the vehicle and return the cards to the driver. The pedestrian traffic creates additional fuss at the gate. A queue is starting to form.

Could this situation be avoided? Would mobile verification of the drivers’, vehicles’, trucks’ and passengers’ permissions improve the efficiency of Ewa’s work?

Would delegating another employee with a mobile terminal for pedestrian traffic restore the smoothness of the process?



Key functionalities of the Mobile Access Control

Full control of drivers and their vehicles – the application takes over the functionalities of a stationary terminal and handles the whole process of entering the company by vehicles, semi trailers, drivers and passengers.

Verification of the passengers – apart from verifying drivers, vehicles and trucks entering the facility, it is also possible to verify permissions of the passengers – up to 30 people can be verified in one sequence (one bus).

Possibility of handling multiple gates with various scenarios. From the level of the terminal it is possible to choose an access point to be handled and get a scenario assigned to that point.

Parallel queue handling – in case of a queues occurrence, the terminal has an ability to handle other groups in parallel, e.g. being at the vehicle gate it is possible to connect with the registration of pedestrians entering the company.

Rounds of the guards – after choosing that function in the device, the guard has to conduct a round of the whole company area and read the proximity card at access points along the planned route.

Individual gates configuration, adjusted the organization specifics and to the selected access control passage – controlling the gates or other executive devices such as a semaphore or a steering.

Reporting entries and exits of the vehicles. Availability of the event sequence history related to the vehicle – what vehicle, who was the driver, which guard let it in and which one let it out.

Intuitive terminal interface – an easy to use UI, that offers a possibility of using the voice control – the guard doesn’t have to use the touch screen out in the cold or to put on the glasses.




“The terminal always at the guard’s hand.

Verifying the entry permissions of drivers, vehicles, trailers and passengers – up to thirty people in one sequence.”

Maciej Boguniecki
Senior Implementation Specialist





Currently, Mobile Access Control, is fully integrated with other Secorun Package products: